The Future of Ad Optimization

Introducing the BlueStorm Innovation team at BlueCloud

At BlueCloud, we are here to take you on a journey of innovation, discovery, and transformative business outcomes. With technology evolving every day, we recognize the need to be a step ahead, to not only adapt but to redefine how things work. With that spirit, we introduce to you the BlueStorm innovation team, a collective of our brightest minds constantly working to reinvent and enhance the digital landscape.

BlueCausal + BlueInsights: A Revolution in Ad Optimization

The era of general metrics and traditional methods in advertising is being challenged, and we are at the forefront of this revolution. We are ecstatic to announce our newest solutions: BlueCausal + BlueInsights.

Prepare to be amazed as this game-changer is unveiled at the much-anticipated Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour events gracing the cities of Austin, Chicago, and Santa Clara. And for those who love the comfort of their homes or offices, join Jim Warner, the esteemed Field CTO of Advertising and Marketing at Snowflake, and Dwarak Sri, Global Head of AI (Artificial Intelligence) at BlueCloud and leader of the BlueStorm team for an enlightening webinar in October.

But what makes BlueCausal + BlueInsights the future, you ask?

BlueCausal - Causal Inference Machine Learning

Gone are the days when multi-touch attribution models were enough. With our advanced Causal Inference Machine Learning model, advertisers can now quantify sales lift, identify, and control any confounding variables, and optimize campaigns with unprecedented precision. Bringing together internal ad data, revenue data, and external data within Snowflake provides the ability to create a powerful Machine Learning model with tremendously valuable statistical insights.

BlueInsights - Generative AI Chat Feature

We understand the challenges that come with new, advanced technology. Technical jargon can be overwhelming, leading to potential miscommunication and missed opportunities. With our Generative AI chat feature, even those unfamiliar with the intricacies of Cumulative Gain Curves, Lift Curves, and treatment effects can have a seamless experience. This AI-driven feature translates the complex data science components of the model into tangible business outcomes via an easy-to-use UI supported by the Data Scientists and Analysts behind BlueCausal delivering a Large Language Model (LLM) that ensures every business user is empowered and on the same page.

A Two-Part Solution, One Revolutionary Outcome

The synergies between BlueCausal and BlueInsights is undeniable. When combined, they create a force multiplier for the clients who adopt them, ensuring optimized results and maximized ROI (return on investment). Indeed, with these innovations, the BlueStorm and Snowflake team has made sure lightning struck twice with synergies across advanced Machine Learning models and LLMs (Large Language Models).

Join us in this evolution and be part of the future of ad optimization. The BlueStorm innovation team at BlueCloud awaits your enthusiasm and curiosity, and together, we will redefine the horizons of the digital world.