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Enhance data analysis and decision-making with BlueInsights, our AI-driven accelerator that leverages Snowflake's data processing capabilities and LLM.

Generative AI & ML

Transform insights into action with BlueInsights

BlueInsights, powered by Snowflake Cortex ML capabilities and Large Language Models, is a revolutionary AI-driven accelerator that enables users to analyze their data, detect anomalies, learn patterns, and predict future trends—all within the secure confines of the Snowflake environment. Users can effortlessly interact with their data using natural language, tapping into the full potential of Snowflake Cortex ML and LLM to derive actionable insights and drive strategic outcomes.

Expert solutions

Generative AI & Machine Learning Services

Forecasting with BlueInsights

BlueInsights integrates the powerful Forecasting feature of Snowflake Cortex ML, Snowflake’s intelligent, fully managed AI and Machine Learning service. Utilizing Machine Learning algorithms, BlueInsights Forecasting predicts future data by analyzing historical time series data. Whether forecasting sales, demand, or other critical metrics, BlueInsights empowers organizations to anticipate future outcomes with precision and confidence.

Classification with BlueInsights

BlueInsights harnesses the power of Machine Learning algorithms to facilitate Classification, a vital data analysis technique that categorizes data into distinct classes based on patterns identified in training data. Supporting both binary classification (two classes) and multi-class classification (more than two classes), BlueInsights enables users to classify data with accuracy and efficiency. Common applications of Classification include customer churn prediction, credit card fraud detection, and spam identification.

Anomaly Detection with BlueInsights

By detecting anomalies in time series data, BlueInsights enables users to pinpoint data points that deviate from the expected range. These outliers, if left undetected, can significantly impact statistical analyses and machine learning models. With BlueInsights' Anomaly Detection, users can enhance the quality of their results by spotting and addressing outliers, thereby ensuring more accurate and reliable data-driven insights.

The bluecloud deal

Enabling Enterprise AI

With actionable insights gained via BlueInsights, you derive maximum value from your business data. Leveraging the secure Snowflake environment, we guarantee safe storage, seamless processing, and scalability and flexibility to adapt to your changing needs.

Assess and advise

Assessment of current data infrastructure and data strategy development: By evaluating existing data systems and processes, we identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or improvements. A strategic plan outlines how data will be collected, stored, managed, and utilized across the organization to support business goals.

Identify and engage

Optimal data management and analytics tool selection: We meticulously identify the most suitable tools and platforms, crafting detailed proposals that outline engagement phases, duration, and deliverables with precision.


High-velocity engineering for secure, scalable, and reliable applications: By deploying resilient data, analytics, and AI solutions tailored to your unique challenges, we drive tangible results.

Enhance and operate

Cloud infrastructure enhancements: We guarantee the smooth and successful functioning of your systems while fostering growth through continuous monitoring, proactive maintenance, automated processes, and optimization strategies.

Enable Enterprise AI