BlueCloud in the Advertising Industry: A Customer Sucess Story

In the evolving landscape of modern advertising BlueCloud is revolutionizing the industry by harnessing data and cutting-edge technology to empower advertisers, provide unparalleled insights, and stay ahead in the field, ensuring a continued commitment to delivering exceptional advertising services in the years to come.

The Modern Advertising Revolution

In the ever-evolving world of technology, BlueCloud’s advertising client is dedicated to guiding advertisers through new media landscapes. Gone are the days of linear content as advertisers move to take advantage of the most recent way audiences are consuming content – streaming services. An industry pioneer in OTT/CTV advertising, this client offers advertisers an expansive platform that transcends geographical constraints. Their commitment goes above and beyond to enable brands to pinpoint their desired audience, whether local or national, all on premium, long-form streaming content.

The Power of Data: Transforming Advertising

The backbone of this unparalleled service is data. Through intricate analytics, BlueCloud’s client empowers advertisers with insights, from ad impressions and engagement rates to click metrics. This not only gauges campaign effectiveness but also fuels strategy adjustment to ensure target audience engagement and provide a competitive edge. Limiting their ability to provide more intelligent data analytics was legacy data analytics dashboards. This over complicated tool was static and one-dimensional and limited the client in easily drawing conclusions from data. They needed to break out of this box to equip customers with dynamic data visualizations, enabling them to understand, interpret and optimize campaigns to get ahead in their market.

Enter BlueCloud: Pioneering a New Era of Analytics

The data enrichment strategy began by seamlessly integrating Snowflake, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to store marketing campaign data, and leveraging ThoughtSpot for self-service analytics and interactive data visualizations. But the vision needed to extend beyond just internal optimization. The Director of Program Management wondered, “Why not build an interface for external use, turning data into a powerful, self-serve tool for our customers?” With expertise in application development, BlueCloud emerged as the natural choice to assist in constructing a customer portal. Their collective effort created a state-of-the- art portal set to elevate the level of service offered to customers and redefine the way advertisers consume data and analytics. Working with a team they could trust was a bonus. “I always look for a true partnership when we sign up to work with a company. This includes candid feedback and innovative suggestions without hesitation and BlueCloud did just that.” the Director of Program Management disclosed.

Spanning five months, BlueCloud’s commitment to the project was made evident. From project management, application development, analytic specialists, and QA testing, the BlueCloud team went above and beyond to tailor the solution to the client’s unique needs. The result? A complete reinvention of campaign data analytics. This new dashboard provides clients with a new generation of analytics using an intuitive easy-to-use platform to explore their own campaign results in real-time. Powered by Snowflake and ThoughtSpot, hundreds of internal users and external customers have now adopted the platform and are empowered to make more strategic decisions and how to effectively spend their advertising money.

A Glimpse into the Future

The journey does not end there. BlueCloud, with its BlueStorm innovation team, continually reimagines the data landscape. Their recent breakthrough solutions, BlueCausal + BlueInsights, will be integral to providing further invaluable insights to their client’s customers. While BlueCausal employs machine learning for campaign optimization, BlueInsights leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to translate intricate data into understandable business outcomes, allowing non-technical users to translate complex data themselves.

In Conclusion: Forward Together

The partnership between BlueCloud and their client promises to revolutionize advertising services further. The innovative technology of BlueCausal and BlueInsights promises to accelerate the newly created dashboard, empowering customers to make the decisions that are best for their personal situation and needs. The advertising client’s pledge remains unchanged: To champion advertisers as they navigate the evolving media landscape, ensuring they always remain a step ahead. In collaboration with BlueCloud, they can continuously deliver on this commitment.

"The goal was clear. Offer actionable information to advertisers to improve their ROI. That’s at the heart of it"

Director of Program Management
Advertising Client