IT Ecosystem/Digital Business Transformation


American Fortune 500 electric and natural gas utility generating $9BN of revenue whilst serving several markets in the American states of Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.


  • Operating Cost continued to grow even though the IT Infrastructure remained static
  • Lack of standardized infrastructure, automation, and cloud enablement
  • IT focused on day-to-day delivery of IBM run infrastructure
  • No standard processes aligned with ITIL/ITSM or Automated tasks
  • Requirement to innovate at the “edge” with IOT solutions for field engineers
  • IT Ecosystem was fragmented with a number of duplicate initiatives
  • NO Measurable Business Outcomes


  • Developed a Run Rate Analysis - identified $30M/annum run rate savings
  • Assessed IT Ecosystem Options (Deloitte, ServiceNow, Mobius, SAP, HPE, IBM)
  • Created and Managed a “Path to Value” based on measurable savings and outcomes
  • Aligned IT Ecosystem with Cloud Options in the “Path to Value”
  • Designed a Hybrid Cloud Operating Model and Security Segmentation
  • Created an Executable program, governance structure, and communication forum
  • Provided the leadership to execute the programs to completion


  • Consolidated 2 Primary Data Centers with Security Segmentation and Business Continuity
  • Accelerated Automation of Process and Service operating models with IT Partners
  • Achieved annual operational savings of $40M in year 1 increasing cost avoidance by $50M
  • Created a 4-year road map with funding and growth targets:
    • IT Ecosystem (Deloitte, ServiceNow, Mobius, SAP, HPE, IBM)
    • IT Ecosystem Optimization (TCO, Quarterly Value, O&M reduction)
    • Path to Value ($120M of O&M savings in 4 years)
    • Discovery and Rationalization of Applications (HPE)
    • Analysis of Hybrid Cloud Capable Applications (HPE)
    • 34% reduction is servers, 45% reduction in storage
    • Automation and AI Requirements (Mobius Consulting)
    • Data Center Segmentation
    • Migration of Microsoft Applications to the Cloud (Microsoft)
    • “As a Service” IT Service Model (ITIL, ITSM) for Hybrid Cloud