IT Strategy Program Portfolio Realignment


A $15B telecommunications, media and professional sports organization in Canada with over 26,000 employees and $30 billion in assets. There was a recent departure of the CIO and 5 of 7 CIO direct reports coupled with the recent hired a new CEO.


  • Increasing regulation with government oversight related to poor customer service.
  • Increasing customer complaints about mobile applications and system availability.
  • Increasing “churn”, lost customers, and deleted subscriptions on applications.
  • Shrinking customer base and average product per customer, reducing revenues.
  • Increasing system outages (CIM – customer impact minutes) caused by poor application quality and unnecessary inter-app dependencies due to tightly coupled integrations.


  • Initiated an IT Strategy effort to align IT work with business goals.
  • Assessed outage root cause and included quality improvement initiatives in IT Strategy.
  • Engaged Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise IT teams to develop a 5-year road map.
  • Collaborated with internal business leaders to develop clarity, understanding and communications for execution of the IT Strategy.
  • Developed a Program Portfolio and mapped to Business Strategy Goals.
  • Engaged with Finance to create ROI and budgets for the IT Strategy project portfolio.
  • Developed business unit heat map to focus investment on high priority areas.


  • Identified $250 million in contract improvements to pay for IT Strategy work.
  • Identified $1.4 billion in savings from the IT Strategy Program Portfolio realignment.
  • Developed new relationships with Enterprise Architects and IT leaders and built the company’s first IT Strategy, Application Portfolio, and 5-year roadmap.
  • Identified 45 duplicative applications to “decommission” over 5-year plan.
  • Identified application enhancements and projects to reduced network outages by 22% by fixing application instability issues and tightly coupled integrations.
  • Improved launch outcomes of new iPhone, Oracle E-Biz upgrade, and NHL mobile platform with quality oversight and enhancement initiatives.
  • Defined programs to launch Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, AI, and ML Analytics initiatives, driving an increase in revenue of 34%.