Modernize and Transform Operations

Modernize and Transform Operations – A Healthcare startup


  • Managing Server Clusters and taking periodic backups
  • Manual Deployment of new apps across various environments
  • Adhering to Regulatory Compliances and Security
  • Manually triggering of ETL and various data jobs to process huge volume of data collected through mobile apps


  • Rearchitecting and re-engineering of entire infrastructure to cloud by leveraging Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) to automate most of the IT processes
  • Defined and Implemented Site reliability engineering (SRE) approach to IT operations
  • Developed scripts to provision, orchestrate, manage and maintain cloud infra components. Scripts for server and data backups, application updates, OS patches, software updates, triggering data jobs, etc
  • Security Configuration and Management through groups to align with regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Built CI/CD pipelines for automated blue green deployments


Increased Productivity
Improved Test Coverage
Reduced Regression Cycle Times